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To The Mic supports independent entertainers on their journey to success. Our goal is to take them through the maturation process and establish a strong business foundation that can enhance and extend their careers. Getting “To The Mic” is a journey and staying there is the goal.

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Funny Is Money

I heard someone say that funny is money. It really is and here's why. Comedy is genre neutral. Funny is funny regardless of age, race, economics, or status. Yes, you may find some things if [...]

Independent Film

One of my favorite film productions to be a part of is independent (indie) film production. To see what a filmmaker can do with little to no budget is amazing. Turning the impossible into possible. [...]

Sync Music

What is Sync Licensing? It's called Sync because the music is synced with a TV show, movie, or commercial. In order to get your music synced, you'll need to pitch on your own or [...]

” Let’s take this Journey together. Let’s build a business model that helps you monetize. Don’t be the lightbulb that gets thrown out when your career takes a turn. I want you to be the electric company and charge for the kilowatts”
– Gene Culver

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