What is Sync Licensing? It’s called Sync because the music is synced with a TV show, movie, or commercial. In order to get your music synced, you’ll need to pitch on your own or find a sync agent that can walk your music in or pitch your music on your behalf. You can also work with a publishing company to assist you in music placement. Either way, while you’re making the music, it’s a good idea to find a strong pitch person.  Someone who will listen to your music and add it to a list of songs to present for placement.

Why do I need someone to do this for me? Many reasons but here are two. When you’re making music, you’re not pitching. When you’re pitching you’re not making music. Find someone who gets an “A” in the class and hire them for a percentage of the success while you focus on making great music. The second reason, you may be too emotionally attached to a song. This could cause errors in your Judgement. That emotion could cause you to be too aggressive, say the wrong thing, act unprofessionally and so much more.

Make sure you do your homework and interview the representatives. Also, be careful not to give 100% of your music away to one company. Particularly in the beginning. Give a few songs, see how they treat them and then open up with a few more. Build the relationship and date before you get married. Do you know what I mean?

Here are a few resources that may be able to help.