You Inc!

Our company takes an independent entertainer on the journey to success. This includes the first step of establishing them as a business. Yes, building “You INC”. This is the genesis of how you want to get paid.

A little tip for you. Letting money hit your hand vs your corporation is a sure-fired way to increase your tax expenses. All of your royalties, gig money, appearances, publishing deals, etc. should be in at least one company and preferably multiple corporations. That’s step 1


What do you need to flip from what you’re doing now to a full-time career in entertainment? You need to monetize your gift to entertain. But you need a growing fanatical fan base of people who love everything about you. And I don’t mean 1.5m followers on social media. I’m talking about fans that click the checkout button when it’s time to buy. They buy your tickets, t-shirts, downloads, coffee mugs, hats, remixes, music, signed autographs, and so much more. They are superfans! Fanatical (fans for short). Gain 500-1000 of those who love you and over the course of a year they spend $200 on everything you offer. Do the math. Does that open the door to a full-time career for you?