Local Opening Acts

Adding local opening acts to your show is a great marketing move. They promote your event for months leading up to the day of the show. The local artists also have a fanbase that will purchase tickets.

While the promoter has the ultimate say on who opens for the major acts, To The Mic will conduct all open mic competitions in each city in search of that artist.

We come with sponsorship and digital records of the performances, plus we narrow down the local artist selections.


What do you need to flip from what you’re doing now to a full time career in entertainment? You need to monetize your gift to entertain. But you need a growing fantical fan base of people who love everthing about you. And I don’t mean 1.5m followers on social media. I’m talking about fans that click the checkout button when it’s time to buy. They buy your tickets, tshirts, downloads, coffee mugs, hats, remix, music, signed autographs, and so much more. They are superfans! Fanitical (fans for short). Gain 500-1000 of those who love you and over the course of a year they spend $200 on everything you offer. Do the math. Does that open the door to a full time career for you?