To The Mic

It’s a journey to the destination. We guide you on that journey!

About Us

To The Mic supports independent entertainers on their journey to success. Our goal is to take them through the maturation process and establish a strong business foundation that can enhance and extend their careers. Getting “To The Mic” is a journey and staying there is the goal.

Guided Services

Taking budding artists through the steps to get to success!

  • Professional photography

  • Performance choreography

  • Industry professional showcases

  • Artists career launch plans

  • Casting & Actor training

  • Video marketing stategy team

  • Professional website with merchandise estore

  • Music video production

  • Long term business plan development and implementation

  • Professional voice lessons

  • Hit making songwriting team

  • Professional studio productions

” Let’s take this Journey together. Let’s build a business model that helps you monetize. Don’t be the lightbulb that gets thrown out when your career takes a turn. I want you to be the electric company and charge for the kilowatts”
– Gene Culver

Ticketed Events

2024 Events

Road To Halftime - It's all about the Journey

6 Artist | Thousands of People | 1 Stage